Wednesday, October 22, 2008

F words collection & glossary - Fuck SSAS Form 4 Boys

I found these fuckers at you tube as I browse through all the older Beavis and Butthead "Cornholio" videos. Well, they think they can speak more language and swear out all the vulgar words? Okay I think I can give them a big fuck for what these delirious monkeys have said / rhyme / rap/ shout? Form 4 boys from SSAS (SSAS Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah) swearing all the vulgar words they can find in their dictionary/exposed to. I pity you kiddos with no talent trying to make something out of your free time and it is really annoying. The Ministry of Education, gave Rm500,000.00 to this school for Cluster School Project? Educating these retards? You hardly detach from your mum's titties and you are swearing, thinking that you are a sexually active adult? I think I will see these fuckers (and their cheap mask) again in handphone-recorded-porn videos circulated in the Internet very soon. Idiots!! You better go to science museum and try to be a cosmonaut. Hell yeah!

See how a DAYAK can swear them off with better deal of F Words. Watch me and make a comparison for yourself.

They have ONLY said these

(and variation Lancau)
Puki (and variation Pantek, Burek, Burit, Cibai, Pantat, Kimak, Pukimak)
Bodoh (and variation Bangang, Tolol, Bahlol, Bodoh Gile)
Sial (and variation Celaka)
Boleh Blah (and variation Kluar dari sini)

Babi, Sondal, Fuck off, Sial, Anak Haram, Anjing Kurap, Hantu, Taiu ni ma, Chau Chibai, Chou Kanasai, Meh butuh Punya orang?, Shithole, Mother fucker, son of a bitch, Fuck you man? Shoot your pant off? - VERY LIMITED, Hellooooo Fucker!! Can you smell what you monkeys are made off? (Veronicle's quote of the century)

Unia Si? (Are you sure? - Is that a vulgar word?)
Lim chiu, chau cibai (drink alcohol, stinky pussy! -Err isn't that sentence constructed wrongly?)
Wrong! Wrong! - He swear better than his English. Pardon him.
Bayar Kereta? - Typical orang Boleh Land.
Eh hiau Mei lang kong Butoh punya orang? - Erm, Can swear at people? Nothing relevant here.
Angmo wa? - English? So do I. Even better I must say. Hahahaha. SSAS did a lousy job in educating their student. Poor command of English I must say. Future Malaysian-Russian Cosmonaut! I forgot about that.

Former SSAS student: Air one-two gore the space ship. Gore space up up. See world turn round round. No test test. We buy you a-low-prank lot lot. Very a lot! Fleas! Tank Queue. I want to go to the space station. I want to see the earth revolving around the solar system. However, I do not want to do any experiment and in lieu of this, I will purchase of your jet fighters. Lots of your aircraft. Please reconsider. Thank You.
Отсутствие путя! Вы крыса пакостной земли гадостная маленькая. (Vulgar! You dirty and filthy rat.*Retributions time*)

Two years after dropping out from Your&I.TM Business School and got fired while working with Mr. Shaariibuu at Mongolia, he applied for the space program. He learned how to speak the Russian language half-corked and sounded like a horny Bulgarian street flasher.

Former SSAS student: Я насильник. Пожалуйста зачислите меня для вашей программы космонавта пожалуйста. I am a *Tooot*! Please enroll me for your cosmonaut program if you will, please.
Russians: Вы можете обтереть мой приклад с ваш лизать сперва. После этого, я буду рассматривать вас после моей водочки. Вы смотрите как тощий страшно кот с вашим ' смогите' сновидения. Go to hell! идиот!! (You can lick my *toot*clean! I will then decide after I have my Vodka. You look like a freaking cat. Vulgar! Vulgar! Toott! More Vulgar words. *Retributions time*)

That is all I managed to trace in their video clip with dozens of rap and shouting repeating at the background like petrified macaques, monkeys and of course; chimps. You try to trace the other words or sentences but then, they are lousy don't you think so?

Look at these vulgar words. They are merely variations of a few bloody words they could possibility think off. They are not even up to par compare to me if I would like to screw to them in vulgar words instantly and spontaneously. Further more, they would not understand my swearing! Why bother?

Okay now. Are you ready for me? Let me tell you that I have a bigger magnitude of curses when I curse at people more than these few fagot monkeys. Treat the following listed swearing and curses directed to these few SSAS monkeys. Bunch of Fags!

Kaninasaneiguyongchowcibaikia, Tiau nyia ma, Tiau nyia sibut kung kaw kaw a, Thai lin ngong, Chukew piang, Si chu ma ong, Nyia mei kung thai, chia po thai, Pun nyin tiau, Chau cibai, Choi lap, Kaima! Apchai! Kamlan! Chion Choi! Lu mak bei tahan, tak ji sio phu! Nyia pak ta sui chung, Nyia ma nyien sun tiau, Ham ka chan! Ham ka leng! Nyia kai kuku ciau lah. Nyia kai fung piet piet pun nyia kung tiau! Nyia ma law kew sun tiau! Nyia ma kung tai po tai!

Butuh, Anak haram, Babi, Laknat, Celaka, Pukimak, Haram jadah, Sial, Anjing, Pantek, Lembu! Sondal! Anak jalang! Anak jalanan! Pelacur! Anak Ayam sundal! Kepala Butuh. Kepala bana datuk ko kat kampung tu. Kepala lutut! Konek kurap bapak ko! Pungkok hang! Tetek mu! Gege a mu ni! Makan taik babi. Isap kotei bapak kau la! Jolok puki mak kau! Ko ni macam pantat anjing! Muka macam barua kampung. Setan! Dajal! Iblis! Binatang! Bengap! Budak bodoh! (best category for these retards). Macam bapok pencen! Otak udang! Bikin malu bumiputera! Buang karen! Buat malu! Buang masa! Buat habis beras bapak! Buang duit kerajaan! Buat Malu sekolah! Buat Malu Sultan Selangor! Dasar budak dungu! Budak Hingusan! Kulum butoh anjing a! Suara macam katak puru rindu hujan!

Kemak kau, Taik palat kau, Jubor kau lah, Palak butoh kau, Encebei pukimak kau! Lengkong! Gai kali! Kedak asuk kampong! Nang kemak kali! Pandei ngelocok jak! Burut!

Pitchkumatei! Fukulolo! Ibn Himar! Bakana!

Pundek! Tundun! Kuligaran Kupei!

Fuck you! Son of a bitch! Faggots! Bloody fool! Bunghole! Bitch! Asshole! Analroxcea! Fucking pussy! Dickhead! Tweet! Mutt! Shit! Dick weed! Retards! Idiot! Bastard! Pea brain! Bird brain! Maggots! Cookoo! Doggone! Loser! Slacker! Sucker! Lamer! Poser! AIDS inflicted fuckers! Bastard! Cheap Whore! Homos! Clown! Jokers! Street Hooker!
Go and Fly Uncle Charlie's Kite Off! (FUCK OFF)

Tuloi sama muu lah! Tului mu isit! Kiande amu! Tektel muu ayuh! Tobiet sinde muu ayuh, ogik giuk! Botah tobiet sinde mu, Kobos muu tia oboh tului sama muu, Kopok tului muu, Maan toki, Nduak masing oku leh, Pakeh amu,
Nyam keh tului ku? Paguh leh,

Kirieng budua!!

Kindai nuan, Amput indai nuan, Parai nuan lagik ku amput! Butuh apai nuan! Bengal! Lungau! Janik! Ngepap taik aku waii!
Nda nemu nama-nama, nemu amput asuk ajak nuan neh wai,
Pelir nuan! Puki nuan! Uduok! Keling lelengau ke capi!
Bajik? Baka jelu!
Lanjut butuh nuan!
Sikuk-sikuk aku pantap pala bala nebiak tu.
Nda nemu utai, paloi amat nuan cak.
Ancau kibung, lagik aku ngasuh janik amput indai ngau inek nuan.
Laut!!! Bakanya meh Laut(I love this one, hehehe)

Belabak ko, Puki tai ko, Tantalau ko, Tonton ko, Kindet! Tasuk! Santut kuyak!

I am tired, I leave those comment section for you to continue and improvise. So much more in my brain but if I swear, these are the common words I will use.

Basically, I am not so proud swearing around but I surely will not come up with such stupid video in You Tube and show my limited knowledge as well as my incapabilities. Well, as you know; people from the other side is always lack of knowledge. Hahahaha! Very Funny! Thanks for the education policies, Tong Loktor Mahu-there.

Fucking fagots! Please, don't you dare to try or do any of these stunts because you are insulting my intelligent. Worst, you compose that song for a few days. You are extremely a lousy rapper so as your vocabulary and vague in understanding the meaning of your swearing. Sadly, you are horribly bad if not clueless in constructing your sentences and rhyme. Sucks big time! A big L on your forehead. Get it? Losers!

For now, it is clear that SSAS breed losers and retards exponentially! Go and Fly Uncle Charlie's Kite Off! for wasting the tax payer's money. 500k for these kids? Yeah! Hallucinating kids. Our legislator must be sure that they BOLEH do something in life rather than mimicking rock stars as they wear songkok and do a Nu-punk cum hip-hop with a twist of dondang sayang and kuda kepang dance (in their other videos). Foreigner may assume that this is our traditional dance, I call it the itchy monkey dance. They stomp like sexual perverted monkeys wearing thick sweater and best; they dance with a pair of striking colored toilet flip-flop.

Thanks for ruling my country, the BOLEH Land. Hell No, you lousy politicians! Screw you and your so-called family tree in your self proclaim, full of discrepancies and unjust, national history book! You can tear it and give to Beavis as he always need TP for his Bunghole.

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